I Want To Believe: New Alien Museum Opening!

Some really exciting news for all you sci-fi enthusiasts! 

A brand new museum with a specific focus on aliens, UFOs, and space exploration has opened up! The new museum, entitled Seismique, will feature 40 rooms full of exhibits themed to extraterrestrials, artificial intelligence, immersive art, and glowing light displays designed to pique your full curiosity of the unknown.

The museum’s location in the Village at West Oaks is a wealthy part of town located near Westheimer Parkway. For those with an investment in science and technology, as well as the concept of space travel, this is an excellent opportunity to explore the great beyond with artistic exhibits and out of this world entertainment!

For Houstonians looking for adventure in the final frontier, there’s plenty of excellent residential options to choose from. Residents living near the Mason Park area, Stonecreek Apartments, for example, might find a simple fifteen-minute drive over with ease. The same can be said if you’re living in the Briar Forest area (Eden Pointe at Wilcrest has great pricing for apartment newcomers!). One of the best places to live in proximity to the museum is definitely Bella Vista Apartments as they are just down the road from the museum as well as very close to the Royal Oaks Country Club for whenever you’re feeling ready to unwind after your visit! As with all things in Houston, almost every apartment option in the area is always at a good price and with plenty of excellent amenity options to select. No wonder I love this city so much!

Seismic JUST recently opened to the public on December 26th so make sure to plan ahead to beat out the early rush! The museum will operate during varying hours during the week so it’s also a good idea to do some research before you head out! For additional information and to buy tickets, you can visit their website HERE. Get ready to take home a galaxy of fun! See you out there in the stars!

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Dec 30